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Jane Perrone talks about the Wiggly Book - Bringing a Garden to Life.
and Eie Flud's review of a Wiggly Open Day.
Actually we have completed 3 out of 4, so the last chance you will get to experience the whole Wiggly Open Garden is tomorrow - Wed 2nd August from 2pm - 5pm.
Pam's cream scones have gone down very well indeed, in fact I can confirm that as at 1.55pm on Sunday 30th July they reached the dizzy heights of utter perfection....YUM! Apart from the food, Farmer Phil's talk has been popular with all ages, I think that may have something to do with the fact that he has been bribing the younger audience with "sitting on a tractor" and last week "sitting on a combine!" What a marketeer! He reports in that most popular questions were on TB and Badgers, followed by how the combine actually works. The funniest comment was the lady who couldn't find a parking space - although we had put aside a 50 acre Pip took things in hand and parked her car between two bales, I think it was the lack of white lines that was the problem........The wildlife gardening talks by Richard and me have been packed with information, questions and tips: Q: What size hole is best to attract Tits to nest? A: 25mm. Q: When is the best time to seed a wildflower meadow? A: Autumn - to avoid the need for too much watering and for early Spring growth. Rachel has been demonstrating various composting methods - by the way in this really hot weather make sure you press down the waste inside your Bokashi Bin and keep the lid tightly sealed. The farm walk has been walked by over 100 people and I think we need to update the time needed as several red faced punters have come back saying "10 minutes....10 minutes!?!!! I would have had to run all the way to make that walk in 10 minutes!!!.....its nearer half an hour. " Sorry about that but its only round one field really............

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