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Order your Festive Flowers From The Great British Florist Today!

I don't know about you, but we just love the run-up to Christmas - everything gets a little bit more festive and magical. It's the perfect time of year for flowers to adorn your home and be sent as a fabulous gift, whether they be fresh or dried!This year you can choose from a selection of Dried Flower Wreaths and four Seasonal Flower Arrangements!    - - - - DRIED FLOWERS - - - -    These Festive arrangements are the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one who appreciates the amazing textures of dried flowers and foliage and wants...

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Happy, Healthy Birdees!

Feeding our garden birds can make a huge difference to their numbers (and it’s very enjoyable too!) However, just occasionally you may come across a dead or dying bird near the feeder. More often than not this turns out to be a greenfinch, - but it could also be sparrow or another type of finch. The diagnosis is that more likely than not the bird will have contracted a form of food poisoning, like salmonella. These problems are less likely to occur in the wild as birds just wouldn’t feed in such large numbers at same time same place day after day…

However the good news is that this problem is very easily sorted:

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Bokashi - A waste revolution

I have been using Bokashi for many many years now and it’s a great method of composting. Up until now though there have been various compromises… the plastic bins have been variable, sometimes the taps leak.. they haven’t always been the best design - you get the idea. Now though it’s all changed - we have imported what we believe are the best Bokashi Buckets in the World and have added our own homemade farm bokashi into to make a really great complete kit. If you are going to use Bokashi to get rid of your kitchen waste the best...

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#grownnotflown Seasonal Arrangements from The Great British Florist -25th November 2019

All our fresh flower arrangements are over on our sister site The Great British Florist

Our cutting patch supplies many of our blooms here on the farm and we use a network of other British flower farmers which deliver direct into our farm floristry. We design and put together each individual posy from the mix of seasonal scented flowers which are then despatched via courier on a next day delivery service. We despatch Monday – Thursday so deliveries are between Tuesday and Friday to ensure your flowers are always fresh.

If we need to supplement our flower supplies we only use stems that are sourced in near Europe so that none of our flowers are flown in from overseas. We promise that this arrangement will contain as many British Flowers and/or Foliage as possible, often 100%. You will always have our British Grown Stem Count to rely on which is marked on each delivery note and when it’s possible to send 100% UK grown flowers you have our commitment that we will do just that.

Colours and designs will vary according to the season and what’s available at the time you order. What is guaranteed is that no two posies are ever the same and that all our posies are delightful.

Below we've got a preview of what we've been sending this past week (from 18th November) as an example - remember these arrangements will always vary on what's best in our floristry on the day!

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