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#grownnotflown Seasonal Arrangements from The Great British Florist -18th November 2019

All our fresh flower arrangements are over on our sister site The Great British Florist Our cutting patch supplies many of our blooms here on the farm and we use a network of other British flower farmers which deliver direct into our farm floristry. We design and put together each individual posy from the mix of seasonal scented flowers which are then despatched via courier on a next day delivery service. We despatch Monday – Thursday so deliveries are between Tuesday and Friday to ensure your flowers are always fresh. If we need to supplement our flower supplies we only use...

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HOW do I decrease the moisture level in the wormery?

Higher moisture is good for the production of worm tea, but an excess of anything is damaging. You can reduce moisture by adding materials that bind moisture, such as paper towels, newspaper, egg crates and similar dry material.

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Seed Spotlight: Softbill Mix

Lots of birds such as robins, thrushes, blackbirds, wagtails and other ground feeding birds prefer softbill food. Our Wiggly Softbill Mix is packed full of tasty feed and is formulated just for them. It is best fed on the ground, (or wall or open top table etc..) this food is not really suitable for hanging feeders.

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Your Hens with LOVE Layers Mash/ Pellets!

Chickens are one of the best garden tools that money can buy. Left to their own devices in a garden, they will scratch up and loosen the soil - whether you want them to or not - then eat the weeds and plant- destroying bugs! All the while, they will also be fertilising the ground and feeding themselves - is this as close to perpetual motion as it gets?

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